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Marvelous mountain slopes, picturesque and remote villages, archeological traces of Cathars, rich flora and fauna in rough landscape, all influenced by the prevailing climate, pure air and fresh streams. Herzegovina Lodges is located exactly on the border of the Mediterranean and continental climate, touching point of breath-taking mountains such as: Prenj, Visoscica, Borasnica, Cvrsnica and Velez.

Depends on number of persons!
Minimum persons: 2 persons group
Tour Price: 35€ person

Tour Description

The influences of the two climates are noticeable with all senses and create a true wonder of nature. For example, if you walk from Herzegovina Lodges to Mostar, on one side, you will see the mountain rocks and sparse vegetation, while on other side mountains with dense forests full of life. Along the way you will meet friendly local residents, welcoming and talkative who like to invite tourist for a cop of true Bosnian coffee.

Get to know the country by walking through the remote picturesque villages or hiking the mountain trails, emerged in pristine nature. Narrow paths connect beautiful valleys and authentic mountain villages where welcoming Bosnian greet you. A visit to the authentic Bosnian village of Lukomir, located on one of the highest mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina is something very special. Due to snow, the village is unreachable six months every year. Breath-taking views, unspoiled nature and traces of ancient civilizations you come across are just a part of the Bosnian hiking experience. With luck, there is a chance to see beautiful forest animals on your hike.

The hiking trails are very diverse. You can enjoy the places with spectacular views and pristine nature, but also discover local traditions and the way of life by spending the night in small villages where the people are very hospitable. A customary drink with the local people from the village is there to wish you goodbye before you continue the hiking trail.

There is much to discover in Herzegovina! A wide array of special hiking experiences, suitable for everyone. Herzegovina Lodges offers several possibilities: shorter and simpler hiking trials, but also heavier trips where a good condition is required. The mountain ranges go up to 2000 meters high. The length of a walk can vary from two to eight hours. A professional Dutch or English speaking guide will accompany you on your mountain walks.