Facilities – kitchen, eco garden, beach, parking


The outdoor area:

The apartments are located on a wonderful sunny slope, adjacent to the forest. Behind the stone wall to get to the green oasis of your holiday place. Each house is designed so that the view of the beautiful mountains, the rocks and the lake is unobstructed. Each house has a terrace with fruit trees planted along. On the terraces you can enjoy reading in peace and enjoy the stunning nature and the magnificent surroundings.

Vegetable gardens:

Around lodges are small vegetable gardens where visitors can reap tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables. This way one feels at home in this beautiful setting.There is a small amphitheater, where movies are displayed. There are several terraces at the property of Herzegovina Lodges where guests can relax, read a book or just an afternoon sleep.

Parking place:

Private car park /Private place within the walls around


There is a large central kitchen available for the guests below the lodges “Mostar” and “Konjic”. Second kitchen is an open kitchen with a fireplace and a barbeque. We have chosen for a modern central kitchen with all it needs. From the kitchen island inside you have a beautiful view outside. Lots of windows and light create a pleasant space. Cook, socialize with other people or simply enjoy outdoors. All contribute to an unusually pleasant atmosphere. On both sides of the kitchen there are two terraces where you can sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Outdoor kitchen:

Along the building is a lounge area that has been created so you can enjoy the sounds of the environment, read a book or take an afternoon nap in peace. The complex also has a large joint open outdoor kitchen where more traditional meals can be prepared.


200 m way from the beach of Boracko Lake