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Urban Tourism

URBAN TOURISM: A DAY IN THE CITY – Bosnia-Herzegovina has amazing cities, which you have to visit during your stay. Learn about our rich history, marvel the monuments, plunge into our culture and the way of life in the cities. Take a look at the list of cities we recommend for memorable city trips. We organize these tours on request, depending on your wishes, guided or not, for both individuals and groups.

Minimum: 3 persons
Konjic: 15€ person
Sarajevo and Mostar: from 45€ person
Herzegovina Tour: from 55€ person


Konjic: Just 20 minutes drive from our place, a chance to experience Konjic. Dense green forests and tall, impressive mountains surround the city nestled on the banks of the river Neretva. Historic city center spreads from the Konjic Bridge. A lot of museums and authentic buildings, as well as traces of medieval history can be found on every step of the town. Also situated in Konjic is the famous Tito’s bunker – ARK, an impressive underground city built within the mountain.

Sarajevo: About 75 km from Herzegovina Lodges, lies Sarajevo, a city known as “The Jerusalem of Europe” or the place “Where East meets West”. Unique atmosphere made of mosques, churches, historical buildings, university, bazaars, Bosnian restaurants with great food, beautiful Old town, abundance of culture and history, as well as very friendly people.

Mostar: Also about 75 km from Herzegovina Lodges. Mostar is the biggest city in the Herzegovina region, close to the Adriatic coast. It has a beautiful historical city center with small alleys, white stoned houses and the famous UNESCO protected medieval monument Old Bridge. Learn about the rich history and culture of the pearl of Herzegovina.