Attraction Region – Neretva river & Boracko lake


Attraction Region – Nature

Have you ever rafted down Neretva River or hiked in the Bosnian mountains? Herzegovina Lodges is ideally suited as a base rustige maar ook actieve vacations at the Boracko lake. Water sports, hiking, fishing, city trips. Herzegovina is a Mecca for lovers of water sports. The lodges are located in the tributaries of the Neretva river. It is a river where people can go rafting and kayaking.

Walking through the picturesque villages or through the unspoiled nature of Herzegovina that is a great way to really get to know the country. A visit to the village of Lukomir that is located on one of the highest mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina is worth visiting. The village is six months a year out of reach due to snow. Narrow paths connect beautiful valleys and authentic mountain villages where welcoming Bosnian greet you. Furthermore, there is the chance to see wild animals during your journey.

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