The Ideal Vacation in Bosnia

If you’re looking for a special place to spend your Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation, really kick back and enjoy pure air, marvelous nature, fun activities and great food, Herzegovina Lodges is a place to be.

In Herzegovina Lodges you will find your home next to the lake in the mountains and re-discover the true meaning of hospitality.

Let us organize Your Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation home in mountain lodges by the Boračko lake.

Accommodation Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes

Herzegovina Lodges

Digital nomads!

Why choose Bosnia as a digital nomad instead of Southeast-Asia?

Are you looking for a digital nomad hotspot where you can enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer? Then check out @Herzegovina Lodges in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our lodges cater to a fast-growing digital nomad community. Since COVID-19 the demand for an affordable creative office space among remote workers increased. Surrounded with greenery and mountains, this is your perfect sustainable modern workplace. Excellent internet and traditional Bosnian coffee are the perfect blend to get your day started.

Herzegovina Lodges

Destination / Attraction Region


The Herzegovina Lodges are located at the Boračko lake. A beautiful mountain lake perfect for swimming, rowing and playing, surrounded by pristine nature. The lodges are located in the tributaries of Neretva – a river famous for rafting and kayaking. This wetland area is also ideal for fishing.


When we guide you through our country, as you wander through narrow alleys, visit alternative cafes where you will meet local people, explore rich history, marvel pristine nature and discover unknown places, you will understand what we experience as feeling at home.

Feel the adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Excursions and Adventures

Herzegovina Lodges

Why choose us?

Herzegovina Lodges stands for:

Hospitality, durability, ECO tourism, art, culture, building bridges, hospitality, pristine nature, local, delicious, pure, fairness, customized, peace, authentic, spontaneous …

We would like to share our feeling of home with you in the mountains of Herzegovina. We are here to take our guests on a journey of discovering the best that Bosnian and Herzegovinian way of life can offer. From the delicious food we make to the memorable tours we take you on, everything is natural, traditional and historic. A genuine part of the beauty of life mostly reserved just for locals.

The people who know best

Linda Walker

We have a RAFTING on Neretva river. From the trip advisory to the local travel guide, all are very professional and dedicate to bring us an enjoyable and unforgettable trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our tour guide is very knowledgeable and passionate.

Linda Walker

Janet Arnold

Our travel hosts was excellent for us and considered our unique needs and planned our itinerary. I would definitely work with you again as you made our trip easy and stress-free. It was a delight to work with Pljevljak Family. Thank you so much.

Janet Arnold

Teri Allen

Herzegovina Lodges is a place where writers, artists, poets and others can meet and debate with each other. Herzegovina Lodges feels a desire to build a cultural bridge from this place between the Low Countries on the sea and the fantastic high mountains.

Teri Allen

Herzegovina Lodges

Jeep Safari

A ride through the nearby mountains in a jeep. The unpaved roads will lead you to unexplored viewing points and untouched nature. During the drive you will learn all about the Bosnia and Herzegovina nature of the Baracko Lake and the surrounding areas of Herzegovina Lodges.

We will take you to the most beautiful places in the proximity of Herzegovina Lodges. You will be told all about the little secrets the nature holds. See how the population lives high up in the mountains. The stop for a delicious soup at the high altitude will provide you with excellent views. It is highly recommended to take a camera with you on this incredible tour.
Traditional Hospitality


Imagine waking up with a delicious smell of freshly baked bread. The best way to start the morning is with fresh fruits, jams, honey and other delicious food and drinks, homemade from organic products grown in our gardens. Hospitality and food are two things we take seriously in Herzegovina Lodges. During your stay with us, it’s all about experiencing pure flavors.

Gastronomy is very important to Bosnians. Bosnian cuisine is a melting pot of an interesting history. The Turks, Austro-Hungarians, and local Bosnians have influenced the Bosnian cuisine. Meals we offer in ‘Herzegovina Lodges’, differ per season. The ingredients used for cooking comes from Herzegovina Lodges own small vegetable gardens, while the rest of the ingredients are purchased at local shops and markets.

Fresh, organic and homegrown – those, along with traditional recipes, are the pillars of our delicious cuisine. That’s why we can guarantee, you will be surprised by the surge of pure happiness the taste of our meals creates! Herzegovina is also a famous wine producing region. Several interesting wine trails lead us to family vineyards, vineries, wine tastings, and tapas events. Some of them are well worth visiting. Ever tasted the delicious red wines of the Blatina grapes? Or the famous, fresh white Žilavka wines?

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The best vacation in B&H
The best vacation in B&H

If you’re looking for a special place to spend your Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation, really kick back and enjoy pure air, marvelous nature…

Road trip
Road trip

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