Gastronomy – Eco food and wine


Herzegovina Tastes


Prices of the organic meals: - Breakfast – €9,50 | Lunch – €12,00 | 3-course Diner – € 19,50

Imagine waking up with a delicious smell of freshly baked bread. The best way to start the morning is with fresh fruits, jams, honey and other delicious food and drinks, homemade from organic products grown in our gardens. Hospitality and food are two things we take seriously in Herzegovina Lodges. During your stay with us, it’s all about experiencing pure flavors.

Gastronomy is very important to Bosnians. Bosnian cuisine is a melting pot of an interesting history. The Turks, Austro-Hungarians, and local Bosnians have influenced the Bosnian cuisine. Meals we offer in ‘Herzegovina Lodges’, differ per season. The ingredients used for cooking comes from Herzegovina Lodges own small vegetable gardens, while the rest of the ingredients are purchased at local shops and markets. Fresh, organic and homegrown – those, along with traditional recipes, are the pillars of our delicious cuisine. That’s why we can guarantee, you will be surprised by the surge of pure happiness the taste of our meals creates!

Herzegovina is also a famous wine producing region. Several interesting wine trails lead us to family vineyards, vineries, wine tastings, and tapas events. Some of them are well worth visiting. Ever tasted the delicious red wines of the Blatina grapes? Or the famous, fresh white Žilavka wines?