Hike, raft and learn the local way of life in Bosnian mountains

For all of those looking for best holiday destinations, try Bosnia! A gem hidden in the Balkans, made of pristine nature, emerald colored rivers perfect for rafting and mountains full of best hiking trails in Europe.
Where in Bosnia?

Herzegovina Lodges – your vacation by the lake in the mountains

Herzegovina Lodges is located at the Boračko lake. A beautiful mountain lake perfect for swimming, rowing and playing, surrounded by pristine nature. 17 km from Konjic, 60 km from both Mostar and Sarajevo. A nature paradise away from hustle and bustle, but very close to all of the destinations.

Herzegovina Lodges is a place perfect for relaxation, chilling on sunny terraces, marveling breath-taking views, enjoying delicious homemade meals, swimming and playing in the emerald colored Boračko Lake.
Cozy Lodges and apartments are surrounded by mountains, the lake, fruit trees and organic gardens. Take a look at some of the lodges and holiday homes HERE.

But, relaxation and hospitality are just a part of the package. Boračko Lake and wider Konjic area is ideal for activities!

Best hiking trails in Europe, hidden picturesque villages and pristine nature

Some of the best hiking trails in Europe are within the reach of Herzegovina Lodges. The area is a place where Mediterranean climate touches continental climate, creating a very special ambiance full of contrasts in vegetation and rock formations. As far as hiking trails go, this area is one of the best places to visit in the world.
That’s not all – the area is also a touching point of tall, breath-taking mountains such as: Prenj, Visoscica, Borasnica, Cvrsnica and Velez, each with a series of very diverse hiking trails all easily reachable from Herzegovina Lodges.
Get to know the country by walking through the picturesque villages or hiking the mountain trails, emerged in pristine nature. Narrow paths connect beautiful valleys and authentic mountain villages where welcoming Bosnian greet you.
Find out more and book your hiking experience now!

The best white water rafting in Europe!

Rafting Neretva is considered to be the Best White water rafting in Europe.
Marvel phenomenal canyons and breath-taking waterfalls, unspoiled nature and hidden beaches all along your white water rafting trail, accompanied by professional skippers.
Beautiful and crystal clear emerald colored Neretva river is one of the best places to visit in the world for all white water rafting enthusiasts and adventure lovers.
Find out more about your adventure at the best white water rafting in Europe HERE.

But, that’s not all! Far from it!

Hiking and rafting are just a part of the activities Herzegovina Lodges offer! – find out more! (https://www.herzegovinalodges.com/excursions/ )

City tours – learn about our way of life

While you’re in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the best holiday destinations for nature lovers, you might want to learn more about the country. The perfect way to do it is to explore the surroundings, visit historic cities and talk to locals.
The nearest town to Herzegovina Lodges is Konjic. Besides awe-inspiring nature that surrounds the town, some of the famous sites are the Old Konjic bridge, and the world famous Tito’s bunker, Yugoslavia’s best kept secret. Tito’s bunker – ARK is an impressive underground city Yugoslavia built within the mountain. Well worth a visit!
Some of the other important places to visit, both 60 km away:
– Mostar – a beautiful city famous after the UNESCO protected Old Bridge
– Sarajevo – the capital of BiH – full of interesting cultural and historic sites
Goga and Elmir are there to take you with them, or organize a day trip or a multi-day excursion for you to take. Find out more here!

Why not Mountain bike?

Want to take the Mountain bike and hit the trails? There are plenty Mountain bike trails, starting right around Herzegovina Lodges. Nature is amazing, trails are exciting, and bikes are new. Nothing stands in the way of fun! Book your Mountain bike adventure now!

Fly-fishing heaven full of trout!

Want to go fishing? The area around Herzegovina Lodges is a fly-fishing heaven, the river and the lake are full of trout. Fresh water, pure nature, healthy fish. You can catch one for your dinner and have it prepared in Herzegovina Lodges open kitchen area. A very special feeling to experience!

Wine tasting and tapas? Yes please!

Want to go on a wine trail tour? Herzegovina is also a famous wine producing region with amazing local wines like Blatina and Žilavka. Several interesting wine trails lead us to family vineyards, vineries, wine tastings, and tapas events. Well worth a visit!

Make your custom tour!

Whatever you want to see or do – just tell Goga and Elmir, and they will make it happen!
You can also just contact them now and say hi! They will love it!

True hospitality, like it once was

When you come to Herzegovina Lodges, you are not a tourist – friendly owners Goga & Elmir see you as a guest. And hospitality, fit for best holiday destinations, comes first at Herzegovina Lodges.
Owners Goga & Elmir enjoy telling you about the history, guiding you through trails and wanderings, visiting alternative cafés, introducing you to local people, and joining you for the discovery of hidden places, locals cherish.

Great food! Traditional recipes, freshly picked ingredients

Imagine waking up with a delicious smell of freshly baked bread. The best way to start the morning is with fresh fruits, jams, honey and other delicious food and drinks, homemade from organic products grown in Herzegovina Lodges gardens.
Did we mention you can pick your own tomatoes, lettuce and other veggies fresh from the garden next to your vacation home?
And – have amazing traditional meals made for you every day?
During your stay, it’s all about experiencing pure flavors.
Find out more about gastronomic voyages that await you and learn interesting facts about Bosnian cuisine here.

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